Merck strikes vax distribution deal; Experts warn on swine flu wave as stockpiles are dumped; Scientists explore diabetes vax;

Vaccine Market

Merck has struck a deal with MassBiologics, a nonprofit run by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, to distribute its tetanus and diphtheria vaccine in all U.S. states aside from Massachusetts. Report

Low stockpiles and the cloud of volcanic ash hanging over Europe have conspired to contribute to delays in the distribution of flu vaccine in Australia. Story

In an average year only about 40 percent of doctors and nurses in the U.S. get a flu shot, says HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. "We shouldn't have to convince health providers that vaccines are safe and that they work. But, despite the fact that we had more health providers than ever getting vaccinated last year, there was still a sizable number who did not," Sebelius said on Monday. Story

Swine Flu

Experts in the UK are warning of a potential second wave of infections from swine flu, which has been linked to more than 17,000 deaths worldwide. The UK recently cancelled orders for 60 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine that were going unused. Story

With the winter season approaching, an Australian vaccine expert is urging the most vulnerable members of society to get the three-in-one seasonal flu vaccine shot as well as the H1N1 vaccine in order to achieve maximum immunity. "There is a great likelihood of this virus being back again this year," said Alan Hampson. Report

Health Canada has cut the allowed shelf life on the country's swine flu vaccine stockpiles from 18 months to six months, and as a result British Columbia is planning to discard 2.5 million unused doses worth $20 million. Story

Vaccine Research

A team of researchers at the University of Calgary have been working on a new vaccine to prevent Type 1 diabetes. The jab targets T cells that attack the immune system. Report

A controversial and widely discredited research report linking vaccines to autism referred to a bowel disease among autistic people that may not even exist, according to a new study. Report

Immunovaccine has inked a collaboration pact with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The research collaboration involves formulating Dana-Farber's HIV protein antigens in Immunovaccine's DepoVax vaccine enhancement and delivery platform. Release