Merck recalls MMR vaccine after missed checks; FDA accepts HEPLISAV for review;

> Merck has recalled a batch of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine that was shipped before final checks; however, its quality, safety, and effectiveness have been confirmed. Article

> Merck is the subject of a lawsuit alleging fraud over the efficacy of mumps vaccines; this has the potential to play into the hands of the anti-vaccine lobby groups. Article

> The FDA has accepted for review Dynavax Technologies' BLA for HEPLISAV, its vaccine against hepatitis B. Press release

> Australian vaccine company BioDiem has licensed hepatitis B and D vaccine technology from the University of Canberra. Press release

> DNA vaccine generates anti-nicotine antibodies to treat nicotine addiction. Press release | Article

> University of Maryland researchers are developing a vaccine against Salmonella based around a microbe that envelops itself in salt. Article

> The Australian Flumum study will look at the protection that vaccinating women for flu will give to their babies in the first year of life. Article

> Indonesia is producing 50,000 units of bird flu vaccine. Article

> The DoH in the Philippines is adding rotavirus vaccine to the national program. Article

> Soligenix has announced a collaboration with the Infectious Disease Research Institute to develop heat-stable biodefense vaccines. Press release

> DPT vaccine production has started again in India after failure to comply with GMP codes. Article

> Walgreen is offering whopping cough vaccines across Kansas. Press release

And Finally… A new vaccine fridge can keep shots cool for 4 days in a power outage. Press release

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