Mass vaccination program could target schools

The U.S. government has yet to say whether or not it will roll out a mass vaccination program against swine flu this fall, but it appears increasingly likely. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that schools will be a logical place to start.

"If you think about vaccinating kids, schools are the logical place," Sebelius told the Associated Press. Young people are directly threatened by swine flu. The World Health Organization says that roughly half of the 160 people confirmed killed by new flu were young and healthy. Schools are also ground zero for a pandemic; where children spread the flu to each other and then take it home.

"We can always sort of back off," Sebelius said of the flu's changing severity. "But we can't wait til October hits and say, 'Oh my heavens, what are we going to do?'"

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ALSO: If you look around the world, you'll see tremendous confusion over how to prioritize people for a vaccination program. In the UK, healthcare workers and children will be first in line. Report