Kaiser: Pneumococcal and zoster vax can be administered together; Chongqing Zhifei purchases Dutch vax maker for $93M;

Vaccine Research

According to a Kaiser Permanente study, there are no risks or changes in efficacy when patients receive pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccines concurrently. Current packaging of the zoster vaccine recommends administering the vaccines during separate visits. Kaiser release

Vaccine Market

China's Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products has bid $93 million (€65 million) in an auction of Dutch vaccine maker Bilthoven Biologicals, a spin-off of the Netherlands Vaccine Institute. Report

The World Health Assembly will determine fate of current smallpox vaccine stockpiles this week, and experts are arguing over whether to destroy or keep the doses for research, protection or safety. Item

One in three children with asthma is not being vaccinated against the flu, and according to a study, parents' fear of vaccine side effects is a major factor. Article

After last year's whooping cough outbreak, San Diego officials are preparing to enforce a new law that requires pertussis vaccinations for children entering grades 7 through 12. The law goes into effect July 1. Item

Although Pfizer Animal Health's E. coli vaccine is effective, it hasn't been adopted by the vast majority of cattle farms. The main issue? Cost. The three-dose vax comes out at about $10 per inoculated animal. Report

Scientists are urging parents to vaccinate their children with two doses of MMR vaccine before traveling abroad. There have been recent cases of measles in multiple U.S. states after unvaccinated children came home from trips to Europe. Story