Iomai vax patch guards against traveler's diarrhea

Iomai is touting the results of a mid-stage study of its vaccine patch for traveler's diarrhea. Iomai researchers say that the patch delivered a robust immune response among the 160 volunteers in the trial, including a large number that administered the second dose without the help of a physician. In the study, some of the volunteers received both doses of the vaccine from a physician while others gave themselves the second dose. As CEO Stan Erck explained at the BIO CEO conference on Tuesday, Iomai believes that if patients can reliably apply the second dose themselves, they'll be more likely to gain protection. Broader efficacy would also greatly expand the market. An analysis of the data revealed a significant response to the vaccine with no significant difference between the treatment groups. 

"These results confirm our belief that the Iomai patch can be effectively used by patients without a healthcare provider present, removing the need for a second trip to a travel clinic," says Iomai CEO Stanley Erck.

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