Inovio positive DNA vax results published

Results of Inovio's preclinical study of its prostate cancer vaccine, SynCon, have been published in the journal Human Vaccines. And the results are promising.

Current prostate cancer therapies target single antigens. However, Inovio is testing the idea that a broader collection of antigens administered with the company's electroporation-based delivery technology would improve the effectiveness of a prostate cancer immunotherapy. In the study, mice injected with the SynCon DNA vaccine had significant immune responses one week after the second injection.

"This immunotherapy targeting more than a single antigen as a treatment for prostate cancer generated strong antibody and T-cell immune responses, which are considered vital to addressing prostate cancer," CEO J. Joseph Kim says in a release. "Taken together with the previous preclinical and clinical data, the current published results support the advancement of this product into a Phase I clinical study."

The company is also creating DNA vaccines for cervical cancer, HIV and avian flu.

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