India will mount trials of inhalable measles vax; HHS Sec raises new call for better vax tech;

Vaccine Research

Indian officials say that a new, inhalable measles vaccine developed at the University of Colorado will have to undergo clinical trials in-country before it can be approved for use in the subcontinent. Dry powder vaccines have huge potential in developing countries, which often have a hard time providing the kind of cold chain supply system needed for traditional shots. Story

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and Lentigen today announced a collaboration to design an AIDS vaccine based on Lentigen's technology. Release

VaxInnate presented preliminary Phase II data showing that its VAX125 seasonal flu vaccine was safe and highly immunogenic in the elderly. Report

ImmuneRegen struck a collaboration and research agreement with the Department of Tumor Immunology of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre to evaluate the uses of Homspera in cancer vaccines. Release

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius noted again last week--this time at the 44th National Immunization Conference in Atlanta--the need for improvement over traditional vaccine making methods. Story

Vaccine Market

Reaping a bumper crop of pandemic vaccine sales, GlaxoSmithKline was able to beat analysts' estimates for the first quarter. GSK booked 698 million pounds from sales of its vaccine, a likely one-time event. Report

If you want to protect the elderly, experts say, vaccinate your kids. Story

India's Shantha Biotech is recalling lots of a 5-in-1 vaccine after the WHO raised safety concerns. Item

The long debate over a link between autism and vaccines just won't die, says Dr. Cynthia Cristofani, a pediatric specialist in Oregon. "Conspiracy theories tend to be popular, and it's hard to undo that kind of damage." Story

And Finally... After 10 years of use, an infant pneumococcal vaccine successfully cut rates of infections among Navajo Indians. Report