Immunovaccine is developing NIH-funded biodefense vaccines; HIV-resistant sex workers could aid vaccine development;

> Immunovaccine is collaborating with the NIH to develop DepoVax-based next-generation biodefense vaccines against threatening biological agents. Immunovaccine release

> BioDiem has licensed its live attenuated influenza virus to Chinese company Changchun BCHT Biotechnology for the Chinese private sector market. BioDiem release

> Medicago has received the fourth milestone payment of $3.56 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for manufacture of its plant-expressed VLP vaccines. Medicago release

> Sex workers resistant to HIV could help researchers find a new route to an AIDS vaccine. Article

> Combining a PSA vaccine with a monoclonal antibody in prostate cancer did not increase adverse effects in a Phase I trial. Abstract

> OncoPep has signed an agreement with Dana‐Farber Cancer Institute to license its multi‐peptide therapeutic cancer vaccine technology. OncoPep release

> A U.S. hospital has started a clinical trial for a brain tumor vaccine. Article

> A vaccine shows potential to protect against bacterial infection of orthopedic implants. ORS release

And Finally... PaxVax has expanded its executive management team at C-level with a new COO, CTO and CSO. PaxVax release

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