ImmunoCellular gains brain cancer vax patent

Los Angeles-based biotech ImmunoCellular Therapeutics has received a patent for its glioblastoma vaccine, ICT-107. The patent, named "System and method for the treatment of cancer, including cancers of the central nervous system," protects ImmunoCellular's dendritic cell-based vaccine combined with chemotherapy, according to Pharmaceutical Business Review.

"This patent has applicability to multiple types of cancer, including our first clinical target, glioblastoma," said president and CEO, Manish Singh, according to Proactive Investors. The vaccine is produced using cancer stem cells and targets tumor-associated antigens.

One year ago, ImmunoCellular released some surprising Phase I trial results, with an 80 percent two-year survival rate and 44 percent progression-free survival rate. The company is currently conducting a Phase II trial and has increased the number of sites from 15 to 20 or more, Proactive Investors reports.

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