Human trial for Cuban cancer vaccine; Experts question HIV vaccine trial;

Vaccine Research

Brazilian scientists say they are preparing to launch clinical trials of an esophagus cancer vaccine developed in Cuba. Report

The chief executive of Elan said that a mid-stage trial of the company's vaccine to treat Alzheimer's disease has resumed after a suspension spurred by safety concerns. Story

Members of an FDA advisory panel expressed concerns of the risks teens would face if they volunteered for a new HIV vaccine study. In the U.S., at least, those risks may outweigh the potential benefits. Report

The scientific journal Vaccine published a paper by the Massachusetts-based biotech company Cure Lab demonstrating that a protein sequence important in neurodegenerative Huntington's disease can be safely used as a new generation of vaccine adjuvants. Story

The Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation is providing a $500,000 grant to help support vaccine trials in India. Report

Lipid Sciences announced that a proof-of-concept study demonstrated a positive therapeutic effect with its autologous virus vaccine in SIV-infected primates. The study was published in Experimental Biology and Medicine. Story

Vaccine market

Minnesota officials say an international shortage of rabies vaccine is forcing the state to limit vaccinations to people who are in immediate danger. Article

Parents in New York are demanding a law that would exempt people from vaccinations for religious reasons. Story

Sinovac Biotech announced that the Municipal Health Bureau and Municipal Center for Disease Control purchased 80,000 doses of Bilive, the combined inactivated hepatitis A and B vaccine it manufactures. Release