Hong Kong ready to dump unused swine flu vax; CNN examines why we should be skeptical of animal vax studies;


Hong Kong is preparing to dump the bulk of the swine flu vaccine that it ordered to combat the pandemic. Less than 200,000 doses of the three million ordered were used, as most people steered clear of the jab. Report

Canadian healthcare officials have been left with large stockpiles of swine flu vaccine. Story

Vaccine Research

CNN takes a look at some of the promising animal studies that have been done on therapeutic cancer vaccines, explaining why mice may make a good initial test subject but don't portend whether the drug will work in humans. Story

PharmAthene says that the federal government has rejected a rival's call to withdraw its $78 million anthrax vaccine contract. Story

BioSante won orphan drug status for its leukemia vaccine, GVAX. Story

Celldex presented the study design for its recently initiated Phase II trial of CDX-1307, an antibody-based cancer vaccine candidate being evaluated as a treatment for bladder cancer. Release

Immunovaccines has struck a deal to study the use of Vaxil's antigens in its DepoVax vaccine enhancement program. Report

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New research underscores that head and neck cancer caused by HPV is significantly less lethal than cases triggered by smoking and alcohol. And the data supports the broad use of the HPV vaccine in both men and women. Story

Canada's Immunovaccine named Keith Abriel, C.A., as acting CFO. He is replacing Gary Dodge, who left earlier in the week. Release

The first vaccine against canine influenza virus, Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8, has been granted a full license by the United States Department of Agriculture. Release