GSK lays off Canadian vax manufacturing workers; Coalition debuts 2-D vaccine barcodes for EHRs;

Vaccine Research

Thanks to a €41 million (over $56 million) grant from the European Union and Novartis ($NVS), Emory University will partner with international research centers for vaccine research and development. Story

Penn State has developed a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma veterinary cancer vaccine that increased canine survival times after initial chemotherapy treatments. More

Vaccine Market

GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) has announced it will cut 9%, or 60 positions, of its Quebec City, Canada workforce, and a vaccines manufacturing plant will be considerably affected. Report

In an effort to better track vaccine records, Athenahealth, Microsoft ($MSFT), Merck ($MRK), Sanofi Pasteur and Cook Children's Health Care System have developed a 2-D barcode system that will immediately upload drug information to a patient's electronic health records via a scanner or smartphone. The FDA will approve all drug labels before allowing them to be associated with the barcoding technology. News 

Almost two years after Haiti's cholera outbreak, health groups are rolling out cholera vaccination campaigns to help those most at risk during future epidemics. But as the country's problems peter out of the headlines, funding dries up as well. Report

And Finally... As the mark of polio diminishes over most of the world, the tribal bands along the Afghan-Pakistani border still see endemic cases of the vaccine-preventable disease, mostly due to inherant fears and mistrust of the vaccine and vaccination programs. Piece

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Daiichi Sankyo says it still unable to fulfill a government mandate to be able to produce enough H5N1 flu vaccine to fight an epidemic in Japan.

GSK’s Shingrix has continuously impressed industry watchers with its growth, and the company just added another large market to its list: China.

WuXi Biologics says it will build a dedicated facility to manufacture a commercial vaccine product for a client in a $3 billion contract.