Ghana vaccinating children against diarrhea & pneumonia; ARTES/Crucell developing vaccines;

> ARTES Biotechnology has started a development collaboration for two vaccines together with biopharma company Crucell. Press release

> Ghana has started vaccination of children against rotavirus and pneumococcal disease. Article

> Plant-based vaccine company Medicago has completed a research collaboration agreement with a top 10 global pharmaceutical company to develop a non-influenza VLP vaccine candidate. Press release

> Biovest International has signed a research agreement with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) to develop Biovest's hollow fiber perfusion bioreactors to develop and manufacture vaccines for the treatment and prevention of filovirus diseases including Ebola and Marburg virus infections. Press release

And Finally… The Sandra Rotman Center based at the University of Toronto in Canada is making a grant of $10,000 to 5 grassroots-led innovations that promote vaccines and immunizations in low-income countries. Article

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