GeoVax expands HIV/AIDS vax program; Critical Path Institute hunts for new CEO;

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In partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, GeoVax Labs is expanding its HIV/AIDS vaccine development program. The company will stage a clinical trial for a recombinant DNA vaccine that co-expresses human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor and HIV virus-like-particles (VLPs). GeoVax release

A study has shown a new method for vaccinating newborns that could save lives in developing countries. A team of researchers took blood samples from 120 Gambian infants and exposed the blood to Toll-like receptor-stimulating chemicals. Two of the chemicals--TLR8 and TLR4--produced more cytokines, leading the scientists to believe that vaccines administered with the chemicals could jump-start infant immune systems. Story

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Children in Fort Collins, CO, could be at risk for blood-borne diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C due to shared vaccine syringes at Med Peds Clinic. According to the clinic, a medical assistant used half of the pre-measured children's dosages, thinking they were measured for adult dosages, replaced the needle and saved the syringes for second doses a month later. Article

Critical Path Institute founder and CEO Raymond L. Woosley plans to step down from his position as of 2012, or as soon as the position has been filled. The group's board is on the hunt for a new chief to fill his shoes. Release

Emergent BioSolutions' CEO Fuad El-Hibri has been named the Biotech CEO of the Year at the World Vaccine Congress' Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards. The panel chose El-Hibri based on his commitment to disease prevention and treatment, leadership and industry influence. Emergent release