Galena's shares jump on ASCO data; BMS has created a cancer vaccine network;

> Galena's ($GALE) shares have jumped by 14% on five-year NeuVax data presented at ASCO. Press release | Press release | Article

> Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) has created the International Immuno-Oncology Network (II-ON), a network of 10 institutions, to develop cancer vaccines. Article

> Jennerex is presenting Phase II JX-594 clinical data at ASCO 2012. Press release

> Ventria Bioscience division InVitria has been awarded a $1.5 million SBIR grant from the NIH to develop an animal-free cell culture media for the commercial production of cell-based vaccines. Press release

> Researchers at Yeshiva University have received a 5-year, $5.9 million grant from the NIH to develop a tuberculosis vaccine. Article

> Generex has presented further data at ASCO from its ongoing Phase IIb cancer vaccine, AE37, which show more information about its mechanism of action. Abstract | Press release

> Harvard spinoff Vaxess Technologies has won the Harvard University President's Challenge for social entrepreneurship, receiving $70,000 to create a silk-based technology to store vaccines without refrigeration. Article

> A new technique to diagnose malaria could lead to new vaccines. Article

> SIV infection leads to potential new target for HIV vaccines. Press release

> Immunovaccine has presented Phase I data at ASCO for its DPX-0907 therapeutic cancer vaccine in patients with breast or ovarian cancer. Press release

> OPKO Health has acquired a stake in an Israeli hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer. Press release

> Around 76% of healthcare providers do not store vaccines at the right temperature, according to the CDC. Article

> Taiwan and Canada are collaborating to develop infectious disease vaccines, with clinical trials expected within 5 years. Article

And Finally… Surplus electricity from cellphone towers could run fridges to keep vaccines cool in developing countries. Article

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