Experts miss on 'B' strain vaccine; boy's death spurs flu vaccine demand;

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In a landmark case, a special federal vaccines court ruled last week that the evidence used to link autism with vaccines was "speculative and unpersuasive." But many parents, however, refuse to accept the verdict. Report

Every year flu experts engage in a crap shoot selecting which strains to guard against. Last year, they predicted B Victoria and B Yamagata turned out to be the threat. This year they picked B Yamagata and B Victoria turned out to be the prime culprit. Story

And yet the FDA's advisory committee is recommending only one slight change for next year's flu vaccine. Story

An unvaccinated 12-year-old boy in the Boston area died several days ago from complications of the flu, triggering a new surge of demand for vaccine. Story

A drug class used to treat RA also raises the risk of shingles, which may add to demand for the new shingles vaccine. Researchers say that the vaccine has not been tested in people with RA. Report

Researchers say that the HPV vaccine does not increase the risk of Guillain-Barre, but officials should continue to monitor new cases. Story

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The Swedish Medical Products Agency has approved Diamyd Medical's plan to continue following children who participated in a mid-stage trial of its diabetes vaccine. Report

Hungarian researchers are reporting success with a new bird flu vaccine. Story

Scientists are working to identify a candidate vaccine to guard against visceral leishmaniasis, a parasite spread by sand flies. Report

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