Emergent CEO to step down; VaxInnate licenses flu vax; Oncothyreon files IND;

> Emergent Biosolutions CEO Fuad El-Hibri will leave his position as CEO in April, to be replaced by Emergent COO Daniel Abdun-Nabi. El-Hibri will retain his position as the chairman of the Rockville, MD-based company in order to focus on corporate strategy and hunt for potential M&A targets. Report

> CJ CheilJedang has landed a license to manufacture, develop and commercialize VaxInnate's seasonal and pandemic flu vaccine in South Korea. CJ will also get to market the vaccine in some Southeast Asian countries, excluding China. VaxInnate release

> Seattle-based Oncothyreon has filed an IND application for ONT-10, a therapeutic vaccine directed at cancers expressing MUC1. Release

> NIAID and NIH researchers have started an early trial of a vaccine to prevent chikungunya fever. Report

And Finally... A study published by the CDC finds that teen girls who get an HPV vaccine are no more likely to engage in unsafe sexual activity than their unvaccinated peers. Report

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