DTaP shots work better in the thigh; Kids of Spanish-speaking parents less likely to receive HPV vaccine;

> European regulators say a homeopathic pharmacy needs to stop advertising sugar pills labeled as childhood vaccines. Story

> Who gave you the flu? A new Facebook app helps you place the blame. Article

> Children are less likely to develop bad reactions to the DTaP vaccine if they receive it in their thigh instead of in their arm. Report (sub. req.)

> Kids of Spanish-speaking parents are less likely to receive the HPV vaccine. News

And Finally... Nanolek and Bilthoven Biologicals will start their first production of inactivated polio vaccine in Russia. Item

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Pfizer's shot will go before an FDA expert panel on Dec. 10, with Moderna's review pegged for the 17th, Warp Speed chief Moncef Slaoui, Ph.D., said.