Drugstore giants wrestle for H1N1 vaccine supplies

While the demand for the H1N1 vaccine appears to be softening in the U.S., rival drugstore chains are gearing up for a big push to offer the jab to just about anyone who wants it.

Big chains like Walgreen, CVS Caremark and Rite Aid have had a hard time finding the quantity of vaccine supplies they wanted, wrestling with local governments for any available shots. But with more vaccine flowing into the U.S. and targeted groups already catered to, the drugstore chains say they're ready to become a primary source.

Demand "is very much of a moving target right now," said CDC spokesman Richard Quartarone. "In some areas you may have what appears to be higher demand, some areas that appear to be lower demand." But some of the chains see a new wave of demand ahead when children return to school from the Christmas vacation. And the companies say that the chains, with their convenient locations and long hours, will make for a perfect distribution system for other vaccines as well.

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