Debunking vaccine myths can backfire; Vical's herpes vaccine should move into the clinic in 2013;

> A warning for those of us who try to debunk vaccine myths: According to a paper in Health Psychology, statements that declare there is no risk for vaccines can backfire and cause more concerns. Therefore, moderation rather than absolute statements could be the key in vaccine education. Abstract | Article

> Vical's Vaxfectin-formulated plasmid DNA herpes vaccine should move into clinical trials in 2013, based on positive preclinical data. Press release

> Sanofi Pasteur researchers have designed MIMIC, an artificial immune system, to help vaccine development. Article | Paper

> The FDA and WHO are collaborating to improve vaccine trial design and safety surveillance, with a plan to cut the ineffective candidate vaccines going into late stage clinical trials, and identifying promising candidates at an earlier stage. Article

> What you believe about vaccines depends on where in social network you hear it. Abstract | Article

> Medecins Sans Frontieres claims that the current global vaccination plan is flawed. Article

> A DCVax glioblastoma personalized vaccine trial will begin in the U.K. in summer 2012. Press release

> Blocking an inhibitory cell signal could improve response to an HIV vaccine. Abstract

> Intellect Neurosciences has three U.S. patents for technologies focusing on Huntington's and Parkinson's disease. Press release

> Chinese DNA vax triggers responses against TB and HIV. Abstract

> University of Georgia researchers have posted a potential new target for a malaria vax. Press release | Paper

> Mucosis has proof of concept data that its Mimopath-based mucosal vaccines are safe and well tolerated, and trigger immune responses in the bloodstream and respiratory tract. Press release

> Adding a reminder stamp to charts increased HPV vaccination rates. Article

And Finally… Actress Amanda Peet has linked up with the United Nations Foundation to launch the [email protected] vaccination public service announcement in Times Square. Article