Daiichi Sankyo Announces Cooperative Sales Agreement for the Influenza HA Vaccine "Kaketsuken"

Tokyo, Japan (May 19, 2015) – Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereinafter, Daiichi Sankyo) today announced that it has signed a cooperative sales agreement (hereinafter, The Agreement) with The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute (hereinafter, Kaketsuken) on May 18, 2015, for its influenza HA vaccine "Kaketsuken" (hereinafter, The Vaccine).

The Vaccine is an egg-based, inactivated vaccine used for prevention of seasonal influenza. Based on The Agreement, Daiichi Sankyo will begin sales activities of The Vaccine from next season (2015-2016).

In addition, Daiichi Sankyo will continue to sell its current influenza HA vaccine, "Kitasatodaiichisankyo".

Daiichi Sankyo is committed to the prevention of seasonal influenza through The Vaccine, as well as to contributing to public health and preventive medicine in Japan through the provision of vaccines which fulfill unmet medical needs.

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