Cytos cuts staff following vax setback; Jab protects against hay fever;

Vaccine Research

Shares of Switzerland's Cytos Biotechnology tanked earlier this week after the developer said its high blood pressure vaccine failed a mid-stage trial. Cytos now says it will hand out pink slips to 42 percent of its work force--eliminating 57 jobs. The company's shares slid 33.5 percent on the news. Report

Schering-Plough's vaccine unit has started human trials on a new seasonal flu vaccine. Report

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are testing a new colon cancer vaccine on people. Story

HHS says that a rapid flu test should be available by the end of this year that would help identify new cases in the event of a bird flu pandemic. Story

Vaccine Market

A new vaccine that requires just four injections has proven effective against hay fever and a UK firm now wants to market the jab in Germany. Story

Vietnamese regulators say that MMR vaccine delivered by a U.S. company provided a label with incorrect instructions on them. According to the label, the vaccine needed to be injected into the muscles rather than under the skin, as required. Report

Chronic human papilloma virus infections can lead to cellular changes in the cervix that can be a pre-stage to cervical cancer. Surgical treatment of these pre-stages gives an increased risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies. As the HPV-vaccine can prevent pre-stages of cervical cancer, a new study concludes, it may therefore reduce the number of preterm births. Release

Dynport Vaccine was one of eight companies recognized by the Tech Council of Maryland. Report