Court upholds vaccine award; TB breakthrough reported;

Vaccine Market

A state appeals court has upheld an $8.5 million judgment awarded to a St. Louis man who contracted polio despite being given an oral vaccine as a child. The vaccine was made by American Cyanamid, which is now part of Wyeth. Report

A new study shows that kids who get a flu vaccine generally don't do much better than kids who don't get the jab. Immunization did not result in lower rates of the flu and the kids who got vaccinated were just as likely to be hospitalized or go see their doctor. Story

Childhood immunization rates remain at or near record levels, with at least 90 percent coverage for all but one of the individual vaccines in the recommended series for young children, said the CDC′s National Immunization Survey. CDC release

Vaccine Research

Researchers are preparing to launch clinical trials to test a new tuberculosis vaccine. Report

Bavarian Nordic has reported positive data from its Phase II trial of its prostate cancer vaccine. Bavarian Nordic release

A leading expert says that a breast cancer vaccine is possible. Report

Korean scientists have developed a new H5N1 vaccine. Story

Pneumococcal vaccination was associated with a 50 percent lower risk of heart attacks 2 years after vaccination, suggests a large hospital-based case-control study published in CMAJ. Release

Scientists have decoded a malaria parasite's genome, opening the way to a new and much more effective vaccine. Report

A novel delivery system that could lead to more efficient and more disease-specific vaccines against infectious diseases has been developed by biomedical engineers at The University of Texas at Austin. Release

And Finally... Scientists are following the case of a rabies victim who survived after doctors put her in a coma. She is the only person known to survive rabies without being treated in time with the five-shot vaccine program required before symptoms appear. Article