China's Sinovac reports swine flu vax success; New "patch" could take the sting out of vaccine jab;

Swine Flu

> China's Sinovac Biotech reports that its swine flu vaccine delivered an immune response on just a single dose, but American infectious disease experts say that the developer failed to detail enough information about the jab for them to properly review the claim. Story

> As the death toll from swine flu nears the 500 mark in the U.S., health officials are juggling how to handle a sudden shortfall in expected vaccine supplies. Production problems have forced officials to cut the amount of vaccine they expect to have on hand by mid-October from 120 million to 45 million. Experts in the field have also raised fears that an expected second wave of swine flu this fall could trigger massive demand for the vax--which may not be met. Report

> Shares of BioSante Pharmaceuticals shot up after the company announced that its adjuvant boosted the effectiveness of a wide number of vaccines, including one aimed at swine flu. Story

> Novavax has been on a roll in recent weeks, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In just a few weeks it was able to take a sample of the swine flu virus and make a new vaccine using its virus-like particle technology. And working with scientists at the CDC in Atlanta, Novavax proved that the vaccine could protect ferrets, which are often used in vaccine tests. Report

> A new poll from the Washington Post/ABC News shows that most Americans aren't all that worried about swine flu right now. Report

Vaccine Research

> A research team from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University are laying the groundwork for human trials of a new vaccine "patch" that may one day do away with the need for any more painful shots. The patch includes rows of microneedles the width of a human hair that can be used to administer vaccines. By letting the patient apply it himself, the patch would also do away with the need for a doctor. Article

Vaccine Market

> Shares of Crucell jumped earlier this week on the news that it had inked $300 million in new contracts for its Quinvaxem paediatric vaccine. The new orders bring total sales to $800 million. Story

> Polio is on the march in Nigeria, and health officials say that some cases are being triggered by the vaccine used to prevent it. Report

> In response to a U.S. shortage of a vaccine to protect infants from Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), GlaxoSmithKline has received accelerated approval from the FDA for Hiberix as a booster dose in children 15 months through four years of age. Hib is an often severe and potentially deadly bacterial infection that can cause meningitis. Release