China becomes third largest HIV vaccine funder; 'Contagion' plausible, but not for vaccine development;

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China is now the third largest contributor to HIV vaccine research, with $18 million committed out of a global $859 million. According to UNAIDS, HIV vaccine funding dropped $9 million in 2010 versus 2009. Story

The Indian government has suspended a Phase I AIDS vaccine trial after finding the candidate was too unstable for large-scale production. Report

A malaria vaccine made from mosquito spit? According to a study published in Science, the possibility first studied in the 1970s is back, but with underwhelming results. The study only produced a 5% immunity rate, but researchers believe that could be raised via injections into the bloodstream rather than skin or fat. Article

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Merck has made a $3 million contribution for vaccinations in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily for breast and cervical cancers. The company will also provide 3.6 million Gardasil doses for Tanzania's vaccination program. Item

John Trizzino has been named Immunovaccine's new CEO as of Oct. 1. Trizzino previously worked as the senior VP at Novavax and held positions at MedImmune, AstraZeneca and ID BioMedical. Immunovaccine release

And Finally... According to scientists, the premise of the box office hit "Contagion" is plausible, but there are a few miscues. In particular, experts noted vaccine distribution would be focused on those most susceptible to the disease first, rather than a lottery system; also, human testing for such a vaccine would take months, rather than a scientist using herself as a test subject. Story