Chicken pox vax effective, ignored; Merck launches mid-stage Staph vaccine trial;

Vaccine Research

A bird flu vaccine derived from DNA extracted from strains of the virus triggered a strong immune reaction in mice after it was injected straight into their muscles. Report

Merck has launched a mid-stage trial of an experimental vaccine to combat Staphylococcus aureus infections. Story

Integral Molecular has initiated a federally-funded program to discover new drugs to combat influenza infection. Release

A Phase III pivotal study showed that two formulations of CSL Biotherapies' influenza virus vaccine Afluria elicited an immune response (also known as immunogenicity) in healthy adults aged 18 to 65. Release

The NIAID will provide some $10 million in research funds to spur new research into an effective HIV vaccine. Report

Vaccine Market

New studies indicate the chicken pox vaccine has worked wonders, reducing hospitalizations and deaths by about 75 percent. But health officials are nevertheless worried that many parents won't make sure their children are vaccinated, lulled into a sense of complacency by their belief that chicken pox is largely harmless. Report

A shortage of human-use rabies vaccine has prompted discussion of the need for a national reserve stockpile. Report