Celldex inks tech deal to advance cancer vaccines

Celldex Therapeutics has struck a deal to use 3M's toll-like receptor (TLR) agonist compounds--useful as vaccine adjuvants--for a slate of new oncology vaccines in development. 3M Drug Delivery Systems gets an undisclosed licensing fee, milestones and royalties in the pact. 3M's TLR compounds are small, organically synthesized molecules that are easier to manufacture than most other TLR agonists, researchers for the company say.

"This license agreement provides a great opportunity to combine synergistic technologies designed to treat various cancers and infectious diseases," said Tibor Keler, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Celldex Therapeutics. "We are very pleased to enter into this relationship with 3M and look forward to pursuing our clinical studies using 3M's unique TLR agonists."

"Our toll-like receptor agonist platform is a major part of our vaccine offering that also includes our Microstructured Transdermal System for needle-free delivery of vaccines," says Dr. Steven Wick, technical cirector, 3M Drug Delivery Systems. "This technology coupled with our TLR compounds can provide both new vaccine adjuvant and delivery technology to further enhance vaccine regimens."

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