Celldex cancer vax could be fast-tracked; Prof who falsified HIV vaccine data gets prison sentence;

> Celldex's ($CLDX) cancer vaccine, Rintega, could be fast-tracked. Joseph Pantginis and Assaf Vestin of Roth Capital Partners predicted it will be the second cancer vaccine approved in the U.S. More

> Dong Pyou Han, who falsified HIV vaccine research, was sentenced to more than four and a half years in prison and ordered to repay $7.2 million in grants his team received from the federal government. Story

> India's Hilleman Labs announced it has made a breakthrough in its quest for an affordable Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) vaccine. Report

> The Indian government has called on the private sector to help develop cost-effective vaccines to boost its immunization program. Article

> Siemens and BioNTech are collaborating to produce personalized cancer vaccines on a commercial scale. News