Celiac disease vax does well in Ph1; Washington pushes for higher vax rates;

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Nexvax2, ImmusanT's celiac disease vaccine, performed well in Phase I testing, showing good safety and tolerability in patients. The vaccine focuses on three peptides found in gluten that are harmful to celiac sufferers. The company plans to start Phase II testing by next year. Story

Pfizer and Inhibitex released Phase I results for their Staphylococcus aureus shot that showed a positive immune response to all three components of the vaccine. Inhibitex release

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Washington state has passed a law that legislators hope will boost their vaccination rates--parents are now required to submit a certificate of exemption from a licensed healthcare provider if they wish to enroll their children in public schools without vaccinations. "For too long Washington has had an easy way for parents to opt out," said Secretary of Health Mary Selecky to the Seattle Times. "All it took was a simple check on a form." Report

A researcher at the Rochester Institute of Technology has developed a mathematical model that he believes will make combination vaccines more affordable in developing countries and financially attractive to corporations concurrently. Item