CDC: Expectant mothers should get booster Tdap vaccine; Latest childhood vaccine schedule published;

 @AlisonBFierce: Life Technologies ($LIFE) established an international flu network to develop a speedy monitoring system and better vaccine. Story | Follow @AlisonBFierce

> The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says expectant mothers should get a booster Tdap vaccine during each pregnancy to protect infants from whooping cough. Article

> Immunovaccine signed an agreement for conducting the latest clinical study of its DPX-0907 cancer vaccine. Release

> A virology research group at Lomonosov Moscow State University is exploring how a Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis is used for vaccine characterization and standardization. Release

And Finally... The American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC and the American Academy of Family Physicians published the latest childhood vaccine schedule. Story