Baxter recalls 300K flu vaccines

Baxter International ($BAX) has issued a voluntary recall of 300,000 doses of its popular flu vaccine Preflucel after a higher-than-expected number of side effects were reported in those who got the vaccine. The side effects were the type usually associated with flu vaccines, such as fatigue, muscle pain and headache. Most of the vaccines were distributed in Ireland and Scotland. Preflucel is a low-egg-content vaccine designed for those who are allergic to eggs, which are used to produce vaccines. 

"The vaccine should no longer be used and any remaining stock [of the recalled batches] should be returned to the original supplier for credit. No further Preflucel of any batch should be administered at this time," according to a listing on the U.K. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) website. Baxter stressed the the recall was precautionary and that those who have already received the shot don't need to be re-vaccinated.

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