AmVac forges collaboration; Sanofi to donate flu vaccine; Vaccines in space;

Vaccine Market

The CDC is issuing new recommendations that people over the age of 60 get a vaccination to protect them from shingles. Report

Sanofi-Pasteur says it will donate 60 million doses of its pandemic flu vaccine to WHO's influenza vaccine stockpile. Release

Early vaccinations of ER workers are essential in order to maintain services during a pandemic. But many are reluctant to be the first to get a jab. In a new study, researchers from the Center for Preparedness Research and Planning and the Department of Public Health at Temple University found that by addressing ER workers' fears and concerns, they could craft persuasive messages to convince ER workers to get vaccinated. Release

Vaccine Research

AmVac AG and a subsidiary of Bayer have forged a collaboration to develop a plant-based production system for an adjuvanted flu vaccine. Report

Researchers have been hard at work developing a vaccine that spurs the immune system to produce anti-nicotine antibodies. Report

Researchers at The University of Texas School of Public Health have found that patients given a travelers' diarrhea vaccine developed by Iomai were significantly less likely to suffer from clinically significant diarrhea than those who received placebo, according to a study recently published in the Lancet. Release

The Boston Herald profiled a new attempt to develop a salmonella vaccine in space. Story

Nventa Biopharmaceuticals has developed a proprietary vaccine adjuvant -- Poly IC-Poly Arginine -- that has potential for use in both therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines. Release

La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology scientists have illuminated a new, previously unknown mechanism in how the body fights a virus. The finding runs counter to traditional scientific understanding of this process and will provide scientists a more effective method for developing vaccines. Release