ALSO NOTED: Vaccine benefits studied; Menveo wins head-to-head study;and much more...

Vaccine Market

Harvard economist Dr. David E. Bloom has studied the economic impact of an effective national program for vaccinations, outlining how better health improves a person's wealth. Release

A viral outbreak among children in Beijing schools is raising fears that a lethal strain of hand, foot and mouth disease--EV71--has spread to the country's capitol. The epidemic has already killed 26 children. Report

A new Harris Poll confirms that the vaccine used to prevent the flu this last winter was less effective than the flu vaccines used in previous winters. In three previous winters people receiving flu vaccines were 33 percent, 43 percent and 24 percent less likely to get the flu than people who did not get flu shots. This year, people who received flu shots were just as likely to get the flu as those who did not get flu shots. Release

The British government is scrambling to find more bluetongue vaccine as it works to prevent an outbreak in cattle. Report

A cancer specialist in Australia is warning women aged 26 to 45 against getting the new cervical cancer vaccine, saying that he couldn't understand why regulators had approved the therapy for that age group. Story

Vaccine Research

Novartis has presented Phase III data that demonstrates Menveo is more effective than Sanofi Pasteur's Menactra in combating meningitis among adolescents. Researchers say the vaccine is effective in all four targeted age groups. Report

Brazilian scientists say they have identified a protein that blocked the transmission of dengue virus in an animal study. Story

DOR BioPharma has forged a one-year exclusive option with Harvard College to license analogues of anthrax toxin for prospective use in vaccines against anthrax. Report

GenVec has won a $600,000 grant from NIAID to help fund development of vaccines to prevent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Release

Bill Gates has scheduled talks with Indonesian officials about development of a bird flu vaccine. Report