ALSO NOTED: Progress on cancer vaccine; Big shoe maker adds vaccines; and much more...

Vaccine Research

A team of researchers say that a human protein could play a key role in developing a new cancer vaccine. Report

Novavax says it has made a key advance in its efforts to develop a vaccine for SARS by developing a new method for devising virus-like particles. The new process creates "distinctive SARS coronavirus nanoparticles, which are nearly identical to the human SARS." Article

Juvaris BioTherapeutics has begun an early-stage trial of an influenza vaccine adjuvant--JVRS-100. Story

Researchers in Europe say they have developed a more economical rabies vaccine. Report

Vaccine Market

Medicago, which is developing a bird flu vaccine, saw its first-quarter net loss narrow to $326,000 from $1.7 million for the same period last year. Its experimental H5N1 vaccine produced positive data in a recent animal study. Report

Australian officials have begun a new campaign, vaccinating the mothers of Aboriginal children in an effort to prevent hearing loss among their children. Story

UK officials are urging parents to get their children vaccinated against measles after two cases were confirmed in Manchester. Report

The Illinois Senate has passed legislation requiring insurance companies to cover shingles vaccines for anyone over the age of 60. Report

China has granted a patent to Microbix Biosystems to protect the IP on a technology that allows manufacturers to greatly increase production of influenza vaccine. Report

China's largest private shoe manufacturer plans to jump into the business of vaccine production. Story

In an effort to head off any potential epidemics, Chinese officials announced plans for a mass emergency vaccination program in the wake of a catastrophic earthquake. Report