ALSO NOTED: Parents opting out of cervical cancer vaccination; UT professor gets grants for Ebola vaccine research; and much mo

Vaccine Market

Roughly three out of every 10 parents in the UK either failed to sign a consent form for the new cervical cancer vaccine or sent in a refusal letter in its place. Report 

A gas shortage in Uganda has eliminated fuel supplies for the clinics supplying vaccines to the population. And without gas, physicians can't run the refrigerators needed to store vaccines. Report

Officials in the UK market have marshaled a million doses of bluetongue vaccine to guard against a spread of the disease in warmer weather. Story

Vaccine Research

University of Texas pharmaceutics professor Dr. Maria Croyle has received $2.6 million in grants to develop a new vaccine to fight the Ebola virus. Report

Sanofi Pasteur says the U.S. government has accepted H5N1 bulk vaccine antigen to produce approximately 38.5 million doses of vaccine to protect against a new strain of avian influenza. Sanofi will receive a payment of $192.5 million booked in the second quarter. Release

The economic deterioration likely to result from global warming will make also spur the lethal effect of HIV, warns a prominent Australian expert on the disease. Report