ALSO NOTED: McCain reignites autism controversy; Nanoemulsions could be key to new vaccines;

Vaccine Market

North Carolina is now requiring school-age children to be vaccinated against the mumps and whooping cough. Report

Shortly after a series of authoritative new studies have concluded that there is no evidence of a link between childhood vaccines and autism, Senator John McCain helped stir the controversy all over again when he said that there is "strong evidence" to conclude that vaccines that contained the preservative thimerosal did cause autism. Story

Health officials in the U.S. have conceded that childhood vaccines caused autism-like symptoms in a child, which is also helping to reignite the debate over the link between vaccines and autism. Experts, though, say the legal case revolving around the child is likely to remain an exception rather than create a precedent. Report

A year after it decided to get out of the vaccines business, PSS World Medical has struck a new deal to start selling vaccines. The company said that "take-or-pay" arrangements with suppliers had caused the company to lose money. A new fee-for-service arrangement has been struck. Report

Health Canada has cleared lots of mumps vaccine of any responsibility for a small group of severe allergic reactions. Story

Vaccine Research

Researchers say that nanoemulsions could prove to be a key in developing a new generation of vaccines administered in the nose. Article

Scientists at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Medical Science have developed a new strain of rice that could be used eventually to replace traditional vaccines. Report 

Scientists at Academia Sinica and the Scripps Research Institute say they are making progress in advancing an experimental HIV vaccine. Report 

Decision Resources says that oncologists are looking for a drug that improves overall survival better than the current clinical gold standard of Gemzar plus Tarceva. Release