ALSO NOTED: Gates Foundation fuels malaria programs; Recall spurs CDC to urge deferral of Hib vaccine booster; researchers on t

Editorial: The recent failure of Merck's experimental HIV vaccine was a major setback, writes Seth Berkley, CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, but 2007 still big gains in the struggle to advance a new vaccine. With a renewed commitment, a vaccine that can rid the world of AIDS is a real possibility. And the $900 million a year being spent on the research effort is well worth the money. Report

> Fueled by a billion dollars in grant money from the Gates Foundation, researchers have been studying new vaccines that could halt the new surge of malaria around the world. Malaria kills a million people a year, mostly children. Report

> After Merck's recall last week of 1.2 million doses of Hib vaccine, the CDC is urging doctors to defer booster shots of the vaccine for infants aged 12 to 15 months. Report

> Medical researchers at Lund University are on the track of a possible future vaccine. The method they are using may also be of significance for other new vaccines. Release

> TechJournalSouth profiles Pique Therapeutics, which is developing new cancer vaccines. In a small Phase I trial, median survival times in non small cell lung cancer more than doubled. Story

> In a matter of days, New Jersey will become the first state in the country to require that all schoolchildren be given a flu shot, and the mandate has focused renewed attention on the controversy regarding thimerosal. Report

> A group of lawmakers including Senator Ted Kennedy introduced a package of bills that will help to ensure that adults have access to life-saving vaccines. These vaccines include the new vaccine against the virus that causes cervical cancer as well as vaccines against seasonal influenza, certain pneumonias, Hepatitis B, and shingles, among others. Report

> Bioniche Life Sciences snagged a 10 million government loan to manufacture a cattle vaccine to ward off E. coli. Report

> The UK is ordering 22.5 million doses of the bluetongue vaccine for farmers. Article

> Novavax announced favorable results from preclinical studies of its recombinant trivalent seasonal influenza virus-like particle vaccine. Report

> Maxygen has agreed to transfer a portfolio of preclinical dengue antigens to Sanofi Pasteur for use developing a second generation vaccine. Maxygen stands to gain up to $24.5 million in the deal. The dengue virus afflicts more than 50 million people worldwide. Report

> Genocea Biosciences, a vaccine discovery and development company, announced the license to 14 antigens to Chlamydia trachomatis discovered in the lab of Dr. Darren Higgins, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Harvard Medical School and scientific founder of Genocea. Release

> The New York Times profiles Sanaria, a Maryland vaccines company that is taking a cue from Louis Pasteur in developing a new way to combat malaria. Article

> The National Research Council of Thailand has awarded special recognition to a study of an experimental vaccine for dengue fever. Report

> A virulent strain of flu virus has infected more than a thousand people in the U.S., killing at least 10 of them. Report

And Finally… Many adults should get a variety of protective adult vaccines, but many often forget the advice or find that their doctor doesn't carry them on hand. Article