ALSO NOTED: Gardasil jabs can be painful; New generation of addiction vaccines in the lab; Researchers study vaccine for cat al

Vaccine Market

The increasing use of Gardasil has triggered widespread reports of pain and fainting among the girls receiving the jab. Merck explains that the virus-like particles in the vaccine are responsible for the pain. Article

Emergent BioSolutions is projecting a big increase in revenue this year, largely from a government contract to supply its anthrax vaccine BioThrax. Report

A vaccine shortage in Canada is worsening an outbreak of mumps. Story

Vietnam has ordered a halt to the use of all hepatitis B vaccines following the recent death of a baby vaccinated against the disease. Report

Vaccine Research

A wide range of new vaccines designed to combat drug addiction follow a familiar approach: attaching a drug molecule to a larger molecule so they can no longer evade detection by the body's immune system. Time magazine takes a look at the field, and examines the emergence of a new category of vaccines. Article

Austria's Intercell t has published pre-clinical data on its vaccine program for the human pathogen, Pneumococcus. Article

Roswell Park Cancer Institute has been taking part in early-stage studies of an ovarian cancer vaccine. Report

And Finally... A Swiss research lab is preparing the first human trials on a new vaccine to ward off cat allergies. Article

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