ALSO NOTED: French prefer Gardasil; Yellow fever cases spur demand for vaccinations; Juvaris testing adjuvant;and much more...

Vaccine Market

France's health authority is recommending Gardasil over Cervarix, a victory for a drug that has yet to be approved in the U.S. Report

Brazilians have been lining up for vaccinations after five people died from yellow fever. Report

Vietnam is distributing oral cholera vaccinations. Report

Canada has approved a new swine vaccine that was developed inside the country. Report

Lawmakers in Virginia are considering new legislation that would delay the mandatory vaccination of girls in the state with the new cervical cancer vaccine. Report

Vaccine Research

Juvaris will test JVRS-100 as an adjuvant to extend the use of existing H5N1 vaccine. Release

A researcher at the University of Iowa is making progress with his research into new  molecular approaches to develop vaccines, concentrating on purified proteins in place of the entire bacteria that would make vaccines simpler, easier to use and more effective. Release