ALSO NOTED: Flu viruses more resistant; meningitis vaccine successful in trial; and much more...

Vaccine Market

Experts told a meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America that flu viruses are growing increasingly resistant to antivirals, with Europe seeing some of the greatest resistance. Report

The first major assessment of cervical cancer in Latin America has determined that the disease kills 33,000 women in the region every year. And without the use of an affordable vaccine and better screening that number could double by 2030. Story

A Georgia company is taking its claims against vaccine makers to the state Supreme Court. Report

The CDC is recommending that everyone over the age of 60 should be vaccinated against shingles. Report

The Indian health ministry has established a vaccine manufacturing unit near Chennai. Story

Vaccine Research

U.K. researchers are reporting success with an experimental meningitis vaccine. Some 150 babies vaccinated demonstrated a strong immune response. Story

Researchers at the University of Queensland say they've made a key breakthrough in their effort to develop a vaccine to combat the West Nile virus. Release

Mymetics has acquired a mid-stage malaria vaccine from Switzerland's Pevion Biotech. Report

Transgene says its researchers have seen promising results from its early-stage HCV vaccine trial. The data demonstrates safety and an anti-viral response. Story

The FTC has approved Avant Immunotherapeutics move to award CDX-110, an experimental glioblastoma multiforme vaccine to Pfizer. Report