ALSO NOTED: Canada sees low takeup for free cervical cancer shots; NYU advances brain cancer vaccine; and much more...

Vaccine Market

Royalties earned on Gardasil sales have propelled earnings at Australia's CSL. Earnings for the six months ended Dec. 31 jumped 36 percent. Report

Officials in Ontario say that only about half of all girls eligible for a free vaccination against cervical cancer are getting the shot. Usually, a new vaccine attracts 80 percent of its potential market. Report

Uruguay is recommending yellow fever shots to travelers headed to Paraguay and Brazil. Story

Researchers say that since the introduction of the 7-valent pneumococcal vaccine in the U.S. in 2000, some 62,000 cases of the disease have been prevented. Report

The UK government has ordered 22.5 million doses of bluetongue vaccine to prevent an outbreak in animals. Report

Vaccine Research

Professors at NYU School of Medicine are moving into a second trial phase for an experimental brain cancer vaccine. Half of the patients in the trial are still alive three years after the trial began. Report

Shares of Cell Genesys continued to climb days after researchers released positive data demonstrating that its prostate cancer vaccine helped prolong the lives of victims in a mid-stage study. Report

In a new study, a team led by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers shows that giving periodic infusions of "monoclonal" antibodies to patients who have received a widely used cancer vaccine unleashes a strong immune response to tumors, with less-harsh side effects. Release

The first European approval application for a vaccine delivered via a new intradermal (ID) microinjection system developed by BD (Becton, Dickinson & Company) has been filed by Sanofi-Pasteur, the vaccines division of the Sanofi-Aventis group. Release

By combining an experimental AIDS vaccine with a long-neglected molecule called poly-IC, Rockefeller University scientists discovered that they were able to significantly improve its effectiveness. Release