Allegations of vaccine price gouging spur AG probe

Shortages of seasonal flu vaccine have been followed by reports that the price of the vaccine has been jacked up to several times its original amount in some places, and Connecticut's activist attorney general has jumped into the act with a new probe into possible price gouging.

AG Richard Blumenthal says his office has fielded complaints that the price of a vaccination has hit $100 or more as allegations arise around distributors and manufacturers reneging on contracts and demanding more money for the seasonal flu shot. Some 13 manufacturers and distributors have now received letters from the AG asking for an explanation of any price increases.

"The vaccine shortage need not shortchange the vulnerable," says Blumenthal. "Need--not price gouging or buying power--should dictate allocation of severely limited supply. We must assure that these potentially life-saving vaccines are available to all who truly need them."

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