AIDS vax may have only offered temporary protection; CDC to recommend that everyone gets a flu shot

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> An AIDS vaccine that produced only limited results in a clinical trial in Thailand appears to offer only temporary protection. Report

> For the first time, researchers from the U.S. and abroad have shown a single-dose HIV DNA vaccine can induce a long-lasting HIV-specific immune response in nonhuman primates, a discovery that could prove significant in the development of HIV vaccines. Story

> Annapolis, MD-based PharmAthene says that the government has extended its contract to develop a new anthrax vaccine, providing an additional $78.4 million for its work on SparVax. Story

> Dynavax says that it has selected a clinical vaccine candidate for its novel Universal Flu program. Release

> The Marian Medical Center says that a clinical trial of a new lung cancer vaccine has begun. Story


> The H1N1 panic of 2009 has run its course even if the pandemic itself hasn't, CNN reports. Now panic has been replaced by a high level of public indifference. Report

> "This pandemic appears to be on the less severe side of the spectrum of pandemics that we have seen in the 20th century," says UN flu expert Keiji Fukuda. Report

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> The CDC's immunization advisory panel says that everyone should get the flu shot, not just individuals who face a high risk of complications. Story

> According to researchers, the pneumococcal vaccine for infants and children introduced in 2000 caused a precipitous drop in infections until 2005, when serious illnesses began to rise again, especially infections caused by a strain of the pneumococcal bacteria called 19A. Release

> Novartis AG won FDA approval of the meningococcal vaccine Menveo. Story

> Health Canada has approved Merck's Gardasil for use in boys and young men to guard against genital warts. Report

> An investigation by Dutch health officials found no link between Pfizer's childhood vaccines and the deaths of three infants last year. Story