AAP recommends HPV vaccine for boys; Virginia lifts the law mandating the HPV vax in teens;

> Aluminum-based adjuvants may cause long-term immune system damage in pediatric patients. Press release

> NIH has joined with Aeras and Crucell to support a Phase II proof-of-concept clinical trial of a tuberculosis vaccine candidate. Press release

> Virginia has lifted the law mandating HPV vaccination in teens. Article

> Inovio's flu vaccine has shown positive signs in animal studies. Press release

> University of Oslo researchers are developing a DNA vaccine administered using an electrical pulse that could have potential against viral infections and cancer. Press release

> The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that all 11- and 12-year-old boys receive the three-dose vaccine for the human papillomavirus. Press release

> Researchers at the University of Georgia are untangling the ways that influenza viruses replicate and hope this might lead to new treatments. Story

And Finally... Targovax has secured NOK 13 million ($2.2 million) to support the development of TG01, its therapeutic vaccine for pancreatic cancer. Press release

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