Topic: antibiotic resistance

One Health front-and-center at UN and BIO confabs

The concept of One Health collaborations between animal- and human-health experts was prominent at the United Nations’ first-ever General Assembly meeting on combating antimicrobial resistance, as well as the Biotechnology Innovation Organization's conference on animal biotech.

Is China setting a new standard for antibiotics-free pig farming?

Shen Jian-Ping’s 465 pigs live in roomy, temperature-controlled pens, where they eat feed enriched with nutrients and drink piped-in purified water that’s treated to remove pathogens. And Shen’s pigs aren’t fed antibiotics to either prevent disease or promote growth. Farming approaches like this could catch on around the world.

UN General Assembly to tackle antibiotic resistance

The United Nations' General Assembly rarely addresses health challenges, but on September 21 the international gathering will take on an issue that has become a global challenge for both animal and human health professionals: antibiotic resistance.