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Animal biotech drug labels are about to get more detailed

The USDA plans to hold manufacturers of veterinary biotech drugs to new, strict standards on labeling. Although companies will have between four and six years to comply, the changes will ultimately help clarify treatment risks and benefits for veterinarians, pet owners and food producers.
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One new product on the market, two to go for Aratana

Aratana Therapeutics reached a major milestone on October 5 with its injectable pain reliever Nocita--one of three drugs it won FDA approval for this year--now on the market. But investors are expecting major revenue contributions from the other two products.

Lilly picks up BI’s pet vaccines for $885M

Eli Lilly rocketed into the No. 3 spot among the world’s top animal health companies when it picked up Novartis Animal Health for $5.4 billion last year--and now it’s set to strengthen its position even more. The company’s Elanco division will acquire Boehringer Ingelheim’s dog and cat vaccines, along with a manufacturing and R&D site in Fort Dodge, Iowa, for $885 million.

Soaring EpiPen prices hit pet owners in the pocketbook

When the price of Mylan’s drug that’s widely used to treat life-threatening allergies, EpiPen, skyrocketed to $500 per vial a few months back, it wasn’t just parents and patients who were affected. Pet owners felt the pain, too, especially because the vast majority of them don’t carry health insurance for their animals.

Owl Manor hauls in $1.2M to advance orthopedic devices for animals

Indiana-based Owl Manor Veterinary was founded last year by two veterans of the orthopedic devices industry who had a dream of bringing regenerative medicine to horses with joint problems. Now the company has raised $1.2 million in a Series A financing to help develop its portfolio of products--and expand it for use in dogs.
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Merrill Lynch issues bullish forecast on Zoetis and VCA

Animal health has long been considered a safe investment, because even during tough economic times, most pet owners don’t scrimp on spending when it comes to keeping their dogs and cats healthy. That's one reason broker Merrill Lynch is bullish on the sector and two of its biggest players.