UPDATED: Pfizer accused of misleading consumers with oversized Advil bottles

A federal lawsuit has put an over-the-counter drug packaging practice in the spotlight by trying to extract a penalty from Pfizer ($PFE) for using "nonfunctional slack-fill." The lawsuit filed in federal district court in New York accuses the Big Pharma company of misleading consumers, and squeezing competitors, by using bottles for Advil ibuprofen dry pills and Liqui-Gels in which "the volume of the products contained therein makes it appear as if the consumer is buying more than what is actually being sold," Legal Newsline reports. The lawsuit alleges the company violated the law in all 50 states by selling 25 different products with misleading labels and misleading packaging. In an emailed statement, the company said, "Pfizer is committed to truthful and accurate marketing of its products. Pfizer prominently displays the number of pills in each Advil container on the package for consumers to base their purchasing decisions." Story