Teva repeats recall after getting batch numbers wrong

A recall of four batches of a Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA) generic drug has been updated in the U.K. because the original recall got batch numbers wrong.

Two weeks ago, Teva issued a recall of four batches of 5 mg tablets of desloratadine ratiopharm, which is used to treat allergic rhinitis. The company said it discovered during stability testing that the tablets had higher levels of impurities than they should. The company said there were no safety issues, but it was asking providers to quarantine and return any product that remained from those batches. The problem was that the numbers for the recalled products were wrong the first time.

Teva does not often have manufacturing issues, but last year its Cephalon subsidiary had to recall one lot of the leukemia drug Treanda after glass fragments were found in one of the vials.

- here is the recall notice