Drugmakers in India's Goa must truck in clean water

India is one of the largest manufacturers of APIs and drugs in the world, but in one state of the country, drugmakers say they can't even get clean, public water for manufacturing.

The Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association is now pleading to the state government to invest in water infrastructure so manufacturers do not have to incur the cost of having water tanked in and then doing additional purification, Pharmabiz reports.

"Apart from the cost involved in procuring tanker water, which is costly, we also have to carry out the purification of this water within our facilities as per the standards required. This is to ensure that the water is free of any contamination, in the light of lack of reliability of its source. All this could have been avoided with proper government mechanism since the water that is supplied through them are already purified and made suitable for industrial use," A. K. Burman, president of Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association (GPMA), told government officials.

Goa is India's smallest state by area and is located in west India in the region known as the Konkan.

The association complains that while the government has done little to improve water availability, it has been working to attract more industry to the area, which puts more strains on water supplies, the story says.

Some U.S. API makers are hoping that news of these kinds of shortcomings in places like India will actually drive more drugmakers to buy from them. 

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