Claris a buyout candidate as shortages remake injectables biz

As shortages of sterile injectables persist, the makeup of that part of the industry is in flux. Now that Mylan ($MYL) has agreed to buy Agila Specialties, the injectables unit of Strides Arcolab, for $1.6 billion, analysts think Claris Lifesciences could be next. They say it is a matter of supply and demand. There are shortages of sterile injectable drugs in the U.S. and growing demand, but only a limited number of FDA-approved plants to make them. The largest producer in the U.S., Hospira ($HSP), continues to struggle to get its plants to full capacity after running into FDA compliance problems. Claris has 5 FDA-sanctioned manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad, and an analyst tells Bloomberg it might be worth about $500 million. Story | More